"Really 'Wild' Flowers! Second Season"
went missing in November 2011.
There is a reward for its safe return
- no questions asked.

I love fabric. I think I've always loved fabric. Quilting is the perfect reason to use and collect gorgeous, colorful, 'luscious,' stacks of it. I do use high-quality commercially printed cotton fabrics in my quilts. My 'whole-cloth' pictorials - where the entire image has been hand-painted with Tsukineko pigment inks - are done on white, seamless, whole pieces of cloth.

RestingFor those of you who have been asking … YES! … I am offering several of my award-winning quilts, as well as non-competition pieces, for sale since retiring from lecturing and teaching. See my work and what pieces are still available on both gallery pages. Some have been sold (already in private collections) and a few have either show or exhibit commitments. Check back periodically for postings of new quilts as well as for those that may become available at a future date.

Update: I have still received no word about my missing quilt. It has not been sold, given away or donated, and it should rightfully be in my home. I appreciate the kind thoughts and prayers that have been expressed by so many quilters and friends for its safe return. If you should see this quilt ANYWHERE, please contact me!

For questions, comments, or more information about my work please use the Contact page and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

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